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Shanghai SPRING is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of Screen Printing Fabric.

Screen Printing Fabric is a kind of screen printing. and the Printing On Mesh Fabric mode is divided into: type printing, screen printing, drum-type rotary screen printing, transfer printing and multi-color dyeing printing,

Polyester Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

Depending on the process used in printing, Screen Printing Fabric Mesh can be divided into the following several ways. Direct printing, drawing and dyeing printing.

Screen Printing Fabric

Screen Printing Mesh For Fabric

Printing On Mesh Fabric

Silk Screen Printing

The printing mold is fixed on the square frame and has the hollow pattern of the Polyester Mesh Fabric. Flower plate on the pattern can be through the color paste, no pattern at the high polymer film layer closed mesh. printing, the flower version of tight-pressure fabric, flower plate on the color paste, with a screen printing squeegee reciprocating scraping pressure, so that the color paste through the pattern to reach the Silk Screen Fabric surface.

Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

Screen Printing Fabric Mesh Factory

Silk Screen Printing Fabric Manufacturer

Silk Screen Fabric Suppliers

Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric applications: Fabrics for clothing, decorative fabrics, automotive fabrics, industrial fabrics, medical fabrics.


The main specifications of 43T (110mesh),53T (135mesh) ,64T (160mesh),72T (180mesh),77T (195mesh),80T (200mesh),90T (230mesh),100T (250mesh),110T (280mesh),120T (300mesh), 140T (350mesh), 150T (380mesh), 165T (420mesh).