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Fine Mesh Fabric

Shanghai SPRING is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of Fine Mesh Fabric.

Fine Mesh Fabric as an indispensable part of the current electronic products processing, in the liquid crystal display, mobile phone touch screen, tablet computer monitors, LCD monitors, high-end poster printing, apparel fabric printing, such as Fine Mesh Screen Printing field should be very wide. In addition, in solar cell manufacturing technology, screen printing technology can be used to form n knot, the formation of positive electrodes, back electrodes and surface passivation. It can be said that Fine Mesh For Screen Printing is an important process for the production of solar cells, its printing quality directly affect the technical indicators of the battery.

Screen Printing Fine Detail 

Fine Polyester Mesh Fabric from the touch screen printing field according to the technical principle of touch screen to distinguish, can be divided into five basic types: vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistance technology touch screen, capacitive technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic technology touch screen. Our Fine Mesh Screen Roll can be applied to these kinds of touch screen printing.

Fine Polyester Mesh Fabric

And in the transparent diffuser panel of the liquid crystal display, spot printing can block a part of the light, side LED backlight will light from the diffuser side into the light in the diffusion plate reflected refraction, the light evenly dispersed to the entire surface, point-like printing shielding part of the light, the light like a sieve, evenly screened out. In this process will be applied to the Fine Screen Printing Mesh, to carry out point-like printing. This requires that the mesh size of the Screen Printing Screen Mesh must be uniform, the tension of the Silk Screen Printing Mesh reaches to 32N, the mesh surface is still the same size, and the deformation of the mesh hole can not be a big difference.

Detailed Screen Printing

Fine Nylon Mesh Screen Applications : Video games, thermostat, treadmill, home appliance appliances, home appliances Control Board, Control Panel, wind controller, fish tank controller, Power meter, multi-function instrumentation, instrumentation, water heaters and so on.

Fine Mesh For Screen Printing

Fine Mesh Screen Printing

Fine Mesh Fabric Specifications

80T (200mesh),90T (230mesh),100T (250mesh),110T (280mesh),120T (300mesh), 140T (350mesh), 150T (380mesh), 165T (420mesh).

Fine Mesh Screen Suppliers