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Coffee Strainer Mesh

There has been a long-standing debate about nylon filter mesh and metal filters and filter papers. In our daily life, should we use nylon mesh filter, or metal filter, or filter paper? What kind of filtration device makes the coffee better? Now let's look at the pros and cons of the two filtration devices from an objective and impartial perspective:

Mesh Filter For Aeropress

Which price is more expensive?

If only from the unit price point of view, metal mesh than nylon filter and filter paper much more expensive. But the filter paper is disposable and needs to be purchased repeatedly, if you drink a lot of coffee, the use of filter paper will continue to stack, and nylon mesh fabric is a compromise choice, it can be used for a long time, and the price is lower than the metal filter net, very economical and practical, and the effect of filtering than the metal filter net, and no filter paper odor, Therefore, in the long-term perspective, nylon mesh netting more economical and practical.

Fine Mesh Filter

which has a greater impact on the environment?

Each of us is very concerned about the impact of coffee on the natural environment. From this point of view, the Nylon Mesh Coffee Filter

 to the absolute superiority of the animal wins, after all, the filter paper is one-time, every time you have to throw away, more or less will cause adverse effects on the environment, and food grade nylon screen mesh on the environment has no impact, long life, buried in the soil can also be.

Nylon Mesh Coffee Filter

Which is easier to clean?

From the ease of cleanliness, the nylon membrane filter has an absolute advantage because, after use, the nylon Coffee Strainer Filter is easier to clean and the coffee granules and grease can be washed away easily. and metal screen in many times after brushing surface scratches easily, coffee particles plug mesh hole, not easy to clean, directly affect the quality of coffee.

Fine Mesh Strainer For Coffee

Which is better for health?

We all know that coffee is good for health, but it does contain some undesirable substances, such as coffee alcohol, which can increase cholesterol levels. The high mesh of nylon Mesh Coffee Filter can effectively filter coffee alcohol, so single from the health point of view, food grade nylon Fine Mesh Filter is the best choice.

And many of the bright white filter paper is bleached, and bleaching requires a lot of chemicals, including two evil English. Experts say the use of bleached filter paper will make some of the residual chemicals into the coffee, causing adverse effects on the human body.

Wire Mesh Coffee Filter

What makes it taste better?

This is perhaps the most critical and our most important concern. The use of metal filters and filter paper to make coffee tastes very different, first of all, because the metal filter can not filter coffee alcohol, coffee in the oil content will be more, the taste of coffee more mellow, full. If you like heavy coffee, it's best to choose a metal mesh.

Instead, the nylon Cloth Coffee Strainer filter out more of the coffee, and the coffee tastes brighter and fresher. And the filtered coffee of the filter paper may be a little bit of a "paper-based flavor".

In general, if you like a more mellow coffee, and do not care about the coffee alcohol filtration is more or less, then choose metal Filter; But if you prefer refreshing, bright coffee, and care about the health effects of coffee, choose Nylon Mesh Coffee Filter.

nylon filter mesh factory

By the PA6/PA66 Nylon Material wiredrawing weaving Mesh Filter For Aeropress Application Range, in the food, the beverage and so on profession, with its good temperature resistance, washes, bears the abrasion, may use repeatedly, and conforms to the safety, the hygienic merit, but is popular the user's affection.

Coffee Strainer Mesh

Coffee Mesh Strainer

Main specification as follow:

Opening size: From 6 micron to 1800 micron

Material: PA6, PA66, Polyester

Width range from: 1.05m-3.65m

Shape: Ribbons, rolls, Tubes, discs, pieces.

Specifications:150 mesh,163 mesh,180 mesh, 200 mesh,240 mesh, 260 mesh, 280 mesh, 300 mesh, 330 mesh.

Coffee Strainer Mesh